Thomas Péronnet

Movement artist, choreographer, production manager, initiator of projects. Career changer in architecture, self-employed dancer since 2015. Graduated movement pedagogue of the teaching method of Rosalia Chladek. He tries to find a way to connect his own aesthetics with the zeitgeist. 2014-15: Collaboration with Juana Robles (Gravity I – Bones II, 2nd Floor…). Choreographies 2016-17: She He Me, 2018: To get there… together! In addition to artistic activity, production management and management for: Cie Digestif/VS, T42dance/BE, Les Mémoire d’Helène/ZH. Initiator and director of the project and festival kulturerbe, tanz! awarded in 2017 by the Federal Office of Culture (Swiss Dance Awards 2018, Cultural Heritage Dance).
Has worked and lived in Zurich since 2002, father of two children (Nora 14, Mattia 12). Next step: action!